Who we are?

Motus is a non-profit organization helping transport & logistics and all the related sectors in running their business and becoming more sustainable.
We conduct research, organise seminars and conferences, deliver opinions, actively participate in projects, and support the legislative process which is in line with our agenda.
Objectives and scope of work
  • Promotion of the latest knowledge and advances in the areas of transport, logistics, energy, environment, infrastructure, economic development, utilization of marine resources, and related areas.
  • Supporting the development of innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies and solutions for efficient use of natural resources in energy production.
  • Advocating management systems to reduce the impact of economic activity on the environment, in particular in the areas of transport and energy, both in the private and public sectors.
  • Initiating cooperation and running projects with local authorities, governments, nongovernmental organisations, and the private sector.
  • Launching the dialogue between the public, private, media, and social environments.
  • Boosting economic development and regional labour markets.
  • Backing interest groups to governments and legislative bodies whose objectives are in line with the objectives of the Foundation.

What do we do?

  • Conducting research, analysis, evaluations and studies.
  • Implementing Projects that aim the public administration and the private sector.
  • Conducting educational activities, trainings, courses, studies, lectures.
  • Conducting and participating in consulting activities.
  • Organising seminars, conferences, meetings and promotional events.
  • Preparing opinions, comments about planned legislation and policies.
  • Conducting and supporting the activities of lobbying in legislative processes that may affect the achievement of the objectives of the foundation.