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Building resilient and inclusive sustainable maritime tourism in the Baltic Sea Region

About the project

The overall objective of the project is to initiate the methodology and institutional framework for the future development of the resilient and inclusive cross-Baltic sustainable tourism. The long term goal is to increase employment among youth, contributing to wellbeing of societies in BRS countries. Project activities aim to promote sustainable and digital solutions applicable to the sector.

Why this Goal

Tourism sector in the BRS to large extend is based on maritime transportation, making it important for mobility and tourism opportunities. Many young people have eithertravelled across the Baltic or worked in one of the ferry, cruise lines or HoReCa sites,especially during the summer period.

The pandemic situation that started in early 2020 has led to drastic changes within theemployment market and the resilience of job stability. As a result of social distancing and mobility limitations, a steep rise of employment and economic problems can be especially seen within the tourism and hospitality industries, as it has been affected the hardest by restrictions.

Employment opportunities in tourism and HoReCa sector aregenerally attractive for young people entering the work market, who benefitted from the inclusive travel opportunities within the Baltic Sea Region, and increased work opportunities during the summer season, meaning they are the main labor force for them.

However, young people who are usually starting their job or are employed asstudents or seasonal workers are likely the first to lose their jobs during times ofinstability. This increases the probability of them facing unemployment during crisisperiods such as the current pandemic.